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Editing Service

I’m a multi-published author, true, but more to the point, I’m also a professional editor. I see manuscripts all the time whose authors have created fabulous stories, but who don’t possess the English skills to get past an editor at a New York publishing house. It breaks my heart to reject these books–but there isn’t a publisher in business today who has the editorial staff to “fix” stuff that could be great if it were only mended.

Mind you, I can’t guarantee anything. The good Lord knows, I’ve had manuscripts rejected plenty of times–but I’ve also had almost fifty books published by New York publishing houses.

My fee schedule is:

One cent per word

How easy is that?

If  you have a HUGE manuscript and NEED someone to edit it, we can probably come to some sort of agreement.
I’m very kind, but I won’t pull any punches. If you consider your work too precious to be critiqued, please don’t bother! You can expect the following:

1. Line edit of your manuscript, including grammar, punctuation, word usage, POV problems, jerky transitions, anachronisms, etc.

2.  Written suggestions on the manuscript itself with regard to word usage, pacing, point of view, cliched dialogue and/or scenes, etc.

Since MS Word has a keen “Track Changes” function that is very easy to use, I’d prefer stuff be sent that way.
I have been published in romance, mystery and westerns, so my qualifications in those genres is sound. I have edited chick-lit, women’s fiction and  science fiction/fantasy without any disasters befalling anybody, so they’re cool, too.

Please e-mail me at alice@aliceduncan.net, and we’ll chat about it. I accept PayPal, too!

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