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Fine Spirits -- Alice Duncan

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Fine Spirits -- Alice Duncan
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A Daisy Gumm Majesty Mystery, Book 2

Meet Daisy Gumm Majesty: spiritualist to folks with more money than

The 1920s may be roaring among Pasadena's wealthy, but Daisy must
earn a living for her family. When Daisy is approached by Mrs. Bissel
about exorcizing a ghost from her basement, Daisy is tempted to back
out until Mrs. B puts up one of her famous dachshund puppies as

Hoping the basement ghost is not a skunk, Daisy begins snooping only
to discover the matter is much larger than anyone imagined. Now if she
can only find a way to solve it without undue consequences to anyone—
including her own reputation.

"Readers will enjoy feisty, "spirited" Daisy and her predicament as she
becomes involved in another's plight." ~Booklist


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