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Genteel Spirits -- Alice Duncan

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Genteel Spirits Print Cover -- Alice Duncan
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A Daisy Gumm Majesty  Mystery, Book 5

The movie biz has come to Pasadena and Daisy Gumm Majesty is up to
her ears in trouble. Spike is in obedience training, a spoiled actress
wants Daisy as her very own spiritualist and someone is sending
poison-pen letters to the Leading Man.

Worse, the motion picture folks claim that Germans are out to steal their
new invention being used on the set.

Butting heads with Detective Sam Rotondo, assigned to the movie-set as
security, Daisy is on the case with Spike in tow. Now, if she can just find
a way to keep everyone's secrets a secret without letting the Germans
get away with grand theft.

"Perfect 10, by gum! This story is pure entertainment" ~ Romance
Reviews Today

"An intriguing plot with ample twists [that] moves along at a fast pace to
the startling ending." ~RT Book Reviews


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