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Haunting Hearts

Bittersweet Summer

For Sale: One American Castle (ghost included)

According to local lore, Crowfoot Castle in Bittersweet, New York, is haunted. It's not the castle ghost who's unnerving the new owner, Indian War veteran Tobias Rakes--but the beautiful housekeeper, Genevieve Crowfoot.

Heaven's Promise

It's 1895, forty years since Susanna Clement's great-aunt disappeared, leaving only a mysterious diary as her legacy, and much to Susanna's annoyance, Julian Kittrick--a dashing, care-for-nothing newspaperman--is creating new scandal out of old stories.

But when the ghost of her great-aunt's beloved fiancé begins making trouble, and memories of her dearly departed ancestor invade Susanna's dreams, she reluctantly teams up with Julian to free a spirit trapped on earth--and a love waiting to be born.

Restless Souls

Montana native Penelope Potter is in England for the first time to attend the nuptials of Arthur Collingsworth--her brother Harry's best friend--whom Penelope met on his trip out West.

While harboring romantic feelings for Art, Penelope knows he must marry the woman his family has chosen--the well-bred and moneyed Miss Juliette Griffin.

Spirit of Love

Picacho Wells, New Mexico Terrirory, June, 1896

Prim and proper, Georgina Witherspoon travels to the Wild West to care for her crazy grandmother. But when she arrives, she discovers Grandma isn’t mad—she’s being haunted by the ghost of her true love, Devlin, who never bothered to declare his feelings while he was alive.

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