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Meet Me at the Fair

Coming Up Roses

1893 Chicago World's Fair

Starring in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Rose Ellen Gilhooley, a fabulous bareback rider and shooter, meets her match in H. L. May, a condescending newsman who needs to be taught a valuable lesson in love.

Just North of Bliss

1893 Chicago World's Fair

Worlds collide when a brash Yankee meets a steely southern belle in Just North of Bliss, an Americana romance from Rachel Wilson.

A Bicycle Built for Two

1893 Chicago World's Fair

Kate Finney, a savvy fortune teller and hootchy-kootchy dancer at the Chicago World Fair who doesn't believe in love, finds her life forever changed by Alex English, a dashing city slicker who will stop at nothing to win her heart - forever.

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