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Land of Enchantment


A Gambler's Magic

Gambler Elijah Perry was on a winning streak, until he was shot in the leg and feared his good fortune was at an end. Then he awoke to find the straight-laced Joy Hardesty scowling at him and he saw he'd been dealt another tricky hand. And when dreams of a different kind of full house entered his head, he wondered if the gunshot had scrambled his brain. But as the lovely nurse tended to his wounds, he discovered a free, joyful spirit beneath her poker face, and a straight flush that bespoke an enchanting innocence.


A Gentle Magic

Cattleman Cody O'Fannin had never shied away from an adventure in his life, so when a high-pitched scream rang out across the harsh New Mexico Territory, he rode straight in the heart of danger, expecting to find a cougar or a Comanche. Instead, he found a scene far more frightening: a woman in the final stages of childbirth. Alone, the beautiful Melissa Wilmeth clearly needed his assistance, and although he would rather have faced a band of thieving outlaws, Cody resolutely ignored his quaking insides and helped deliver her baby.


Enchanted Christmas

Bitter, betrayed, and lonely, Noah Partridge travels on horseback to the untamed New Mexico Territory, where he meets fiery Grace Richardson, a widow who refuses to surrender her beloved land to him, and he realizes that she is the woman who can heal his wounded heart.

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